Our experience is the base for
your innovations.

Why you need consulting service:

1. Some clients want to turn their business plan into automated software. However, as they lack of knowledge of software development, they do not know how to proceed.
2. Some clients possess technical knowledge; however they would like to outsource the business analysis so to save time and money.
3. Some clients feel they are stuck in their legacy system however they have no time to sort out what they want for an upgraded system.

WillPower is able to help. Our business analysts will be able to assist you in translating your business logic into professional technical requirements specification.

How we do it?

WillPower will assign our most experienced business analysts to communicate with clients about their requirements first. Besides to abundant knowledge in software development, the business analysts also master good English skills. Teleconference, Skype chat etc. will be set up to conquer the remote distance between two sides.

Through vast communications, our business analysts will get to the bottom of all the requirements in terms of functionality and quality. Then we will come up with a complete set of solutions consist of design, development methodology, testing, deployment and maintenance and so on. After getting clients' confirmation of those solutions, then our business analysts will put them into a formal specification.

After scoping out the project specification, we will get down to build a development team to implement the requirements. You are free to decide on either choose fixed-price quote or flexible ODC as the cooperation model between two parties. To help you decide which cooperation model is better fit for your needs, please contact us for additional information or to schedule a meeting.